Prof. Dr. Παναγιώτης Δρακόπουλος

Presented Abstracts

2020 Rosetti J, Francotte J, Noel E, Drakopoulos P, Rabbachin N, De Brucker M “The efficacy of continuous ropivacaine subfascial wound infusion after caesarean delivery in pain management”, EBCOG 2020 meeting
2019 Drakopoulos P, Garcia-Velasco J.A, Bosch E, Blockeel C, De Vos M, Tournaye H, Polyzos N.P “ICSI does not offer any benefit over conventional IVF across different ovarian response categories: a European multicenter analysis”, ESHRE annual meeting 2019
2019 Errazuriz J, Romito A, Santos-Ribeiro S, Popovic-Todorovic B, Racca A, Tournaye H, De Vos M, C. Blockeel C, Drakopoulos P “Modified natural cycle IVF versus conventional stimulation in advanced-age Bologna poor responders”, ESHRE annual meeting 2019
2019 Romito A, Blockeel C, Errazuriz J, De Vos M, Santos Ribeiro S, Van Der Kelen A, Mackens S, Racca A, Benedetti Panici P, Tournaye H, Drakopoulos P “Cumulative live birth rates in women with poor ovarian response (POR) meeting the Bologna criteria: the importance of the phenotype”, ESHRE annual meeting 2019
2018 Anderse MF, Drakopoulos P, Humaidan P, Gomez JL, Bruna I, Rombauts L, Santos-Ribeiro S, Dosouto C, Coroleu B, Barri PN, Polyzos NP “Off-label use of androgens and letrozole in infertile women – a multinational survey in Europe and Australia”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Racca A, Drakopoulos P, Van Landuyt L, Willem C, Santos-Ribeiro S, Tournaye H, Blockeel C, Polyzos NP “Single and double embryo transfer provide similar live birth rates in frozen cycles”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Blockeel C, Racca A, De Munck N, Santos-Ribeiro S, Errazuriz Valenzuela J, Drakopoulos P, Galvao  A, Mackens S, De Vos M, Tournaye H  “Impact of serum progesterone on embryo quality and cumulative live birth rate in oocyte donation cycles” , ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 De Rijdt S, Errazuriz J, Santos-Ribeiro S, Drakopoulos P, Racca A, Galvao A, De Munck N, Camus M, Tournaye H, Blockeel C “Does early respons on ovarian stimulation using corifollitropin alfa versus hp-hMG influence live-birth rates in a GnRH antagonist protocol?”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Errazuriz J, Drakopoulos P, Pening D, Racca A,  De Munck A, De Vos A, Tournaye H, Blockeel C “Among Bologna poor responders, does the type of GnRH analogue play any role when corifollitropin alfa is used?”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Roelens C, Santos-Ribeiro S, Racca A, Mackens S, Drakopoulos P, Tournaye H, Blockeel C “The effect of the duration of elevated progesterone during the late-follicular phase of ovarian stimulation on live birth rates following IVF/ICSI”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Santos-Ribeiro S, Mackens S, Popovic B, Polyzos NP, Racca A, Drakopoulos P, De Vos M, Tournaye H, Blockeel C Implantation enhancement by elective “Cryopreservation of all viable Embryos (ICE): randomized controlled trial (RCT) comparing the two safest approaches in IVF/ICSI for high-responders”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Popovic – Todorovic B, Santos-Ribeiro S, De Vos M, Racca A, Drakopoulos P, Thorez Y, Tournaye H, Blockeel C “Are serum LH levels at the initiation of ovarian stimulation associated with oocyte retrieval yield after GnRH agonist triggering?”, ESHRE annual meeting 2018
2018 Polyzos NP, Drakopoulos P, Tournaye H, Schiettecatte J, Anckaert E, Donner H, Bobba G, Miles G, Verhagen-Kamerbeek W, Bosch E “EStradiol and PRogesterone in In vitro ferTilization (ESPRIT): evaluation of the third versus second generation estradiol and progesterone Elecsys® assays”, ASRM annual meeting 2018
2018 Polyzos NP, Rodriguez I, Devesa M, Drakopoulos P, Parriego M, Rodriguez-Purata J, Veiga A,  Barri P, Coroleu B “Who are the patients that can really benefit from preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy? An age-adjusted analysis to calculate the number of oocytes to have one euploid embryo”, ASRM annual meeting 2018
2017 RabbachinN, Uvin V, Drakopoulos P, Camus M, Tournaye H, De Brucker M “Is diagnostic hysteroscopy more useful than transvaginal ultrasound prior to IVF?” 33rd Annual Meeting of ESHRE
2017 Polyzos NP, Drakopoulos P,  Parra J, Pellicer A, Tournaye H, Bosch E, Garcia-Velasco J “Cumulative live birth rates following the first ovarian stimulation for IVF/ICSI. A European multicenter analysis of ~15.000 women using individual patient data” 33rd Annual Meeting of ESHRE
2017 Drakopoulos P, Vuong TN, Ho NAV, Vaiarelli A, Ho MT, Blockeel C, Camus M, Lam AT, van de Vijver A, Humaidan P, Tournaye H, Polyzos NP “Corifollitropin alfa followed by hp-HMG versus recombinant FSH in young poor ovarian responders. A multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial” 33rd Annual Meeting of ESHRE 2017
2017 Drakopoulos P, van de Vijver A, Parra J,  Anckaert E, Schiettecatte J, Smitz J, Blockeel C, Hund M,  Verhagen-Kamerbeek W, He Y,  Polyzos NP, Tournaye H “Effect of GnRH agonist downregulation on serum AMH levels: a prospective cohort study with repeated measurements” ASRM annual meeting 2017
2016 Drakopoulos P, Blockeel C, Stoop D, Camus M, De vos M, Tournaye H, Polyzos NP ‘‘Utilization of all fresh and frozen embryos after single embryo transfer for IVF/ICSI: the effect of ovarian response on cumulative live birth rates’’, International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology, 17th Word Congress, Firenze, Italy
2016 Pareyn, M. De Vos, P. Drakopoulos, S. Santos-Ribeiro, N. Polyzos, H. Tournaye, C. Blockeel ‘‘Reproductive outcome in patients with polycystic ovaries: does phenotype matter?’’ 32nd Annual Meeting of ESHRE
2016 van de Vijver A, Drakopoulos P, Van Landuyt L, Vaiarelli A, Blockeel C, Santos-Ribeiro S, Tournaye, Polyzos NP “ Vitamin D deficiency and pregnancy rates following frozen/thawed embryo transfer: a prospective cohort study”
2016 Santos-Ribeiro S, Costa Ribeiro V, De Munck N, Drakopoulos P, Polyzos NP, Schutyser V, Verheyen G, Tournaye T, Blockeel C ‘‘Why do we still measure endometrial thickness and what is its effect on live birth rates? ’’ 32nd Annual Meeting of ESHRE
2015 Martinez de Tejada B, Fernandez S, Gayet-Ageron A, Duyck C, Drakopoulos P, Irion O. “What’s the optimal duration of oral misoprostol treatment for cervical repinening”, 35th Annual Meeting, Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM), San Diego, CA
2014 Pluchino N, Drakopoulos P, Taburiaux L, Vanden Eynde M, Constantin F, Petignat P,Wenger JM. “Laparoscopic endometriosis radical treatment of a rectovaginal nodule by the shaving technique”, annual meeting, Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO)
2014 Pluchino N., Drakopoulos P., Taburiaux L., Vanden Eynde M., Constantin F., Petignat P, Wenger JM. “Surgical outcome and recurrence rate of 376 patients operated by the shaving tecnique for deepcolorectal endometriosis” annual meeting, Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO)
2014 Taburiaux L, Pluchino N, Drakopoulos P,Wenger JM, Petignat P. “Malignant transformation of abdominal wall endometriosis” , annual meeting,  Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO)
2014 Chuzeville A, Drakopoulos P, Irion O,Jastrow N. “Rupture of an enormous Ovarian cyst in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy”, annual meeting, Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO)
2014 Drakopoulos P, Pluchino N, Casarosa E, Petignat P, Genazzani AR. “Effect of estetrol administration on brain and serum allopregnanolone in intact and ovariectomised   rats”, 30th Annual Meeting of ESHRE – Munich 2014
2013 Drakopoulos P, Cantero P, Ibécheole V, Chardonnens D, Caseiro P, Streuli I. Genital tuberculosis diagnosed in the context of infertility: about two cases in Geneva, meeting of French-speaking group of Swiss society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO)
2012  Fernandez S, Duyck C,  Drakopoulos P,  Bischofberger A,  Gayet-Agerona,  Boulvain M,  Irion O,  Martinez de Tejada Weber B. “Oral Misoprostol (PGE1) for induction of labour”, Swiss Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO), annual meeting
2011 Drakopoulos P, Eperon I, Kraemer K, Biraux J, Irion O, Martinez de Tejada B.“Neonatal appendicitis: A rare disease in the neonatal period”, annual meeting, Swiss society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SSGO)